50 Years Providing Shelter Video Production

50 Years Providing Shelter Video Production

Complete Video Production – 50 Anniversary Microfilm Microfilm was produced and presented during the 50th anniversary gala dinner, to bring out the message of the missions for a local developer – providing affordable homes for the past 50 years. This is “Script-To-Screen” project. Complete storyboard was developed after being shortlisted from several story line synopsis

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To Know Malaysia Is To…“LAUGH, MALAYSIA!”

With so much disparity and tragedy that has befallen Malaysia this year; we need to bring Malaysians together to stand united and resilient…and what better way to bring solidarity other than through true Malaysian-styled comedy and humour! In the aim to spread the “1Malaysia” spirit, godfather of stand-up comedy in Malaysia, Harith Iskander, put up

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Launching the World’s Biggest KyoChon Restaurant

KyoChon founder Mr Kwon Won-Kang started KyoChon Fried Chicken 23 years ago in Gu-mi, a small town in South Korea. The name ‘KyoChon’ is a combination of Korean word ‘Kyo’ (pure) and ‘Chon’ (village), and it represents the philosophy of the brand, which is, insisting on nothing but the most natural ingredients and healthy way

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Kaamatan Celebration with Imago KK

Temporary Party Ground to Celebrate Harvest Festival Imago Mall, the city’s only”Category A” with more than 300 retail outlets mall is finally opened, transforming the shopping scene in Kota Kinabalu CBD with its premier positioning with brands currently without a presence in Sabah. Its size of 800,000 sq. ft. is twice the retail floor space

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I’m the First with IPhone 6!

In anticipation of the long queues during the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Malaysia, Maxis was the first telco in the country to personally deliver brand new iPhones at the stroke of midnight to its customers. A select few hundred who pre-order the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

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Hotlink #LIVELIFELOUD Roadshow

Thinkers coordinated the “invasion” for Hotlink to enter local university, Universiti Malaysia Sabah for a direct marketing to the college students. Performances successfully grabbed the students’ fullest attention to visit the Hotlink booth, especially the live singing by Elizabeth Tan, the English actress of Chinese descent.      

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Hall of Dead

Carlsberg turned one of its popular outlets into the Hall of Dead, inviting the crowds to party in a whole new “thriller-ing” venue. Eye-catching “eyeball candy” was one of the most popular food on the night! Performing line-ups were the late superstars including Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe spinning the DJ deck, along with dancers,

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Penetration of Triple Distilled Single Malt

Working hand in hand with client, Asia Euro, this was a brand activation project for Auchentoshan, the only Scotland’s triple distilled Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. Series of campaigns from launching to grand finale were designed, executed and successfully penetrated this premium product to the Sabah market. 10 lucky customers who purchased a bottle of Auchentoshan