Launching the World’s Biggest KyoChon Restaurant

Launching the World’s Biggest KyoChon Restaurant

KyoChon founder Mr Kwon Won-Kang started KyoChon Fried Chicken 23 years ago in Gu-mi, a small town in South Korea. The name ‘KyoChon’ is a combination of Korean word ‘Kyo’ (pure) and ‘Chon’ (village), and it represents the philosophy of the brand, which is, insisting on nothing but the most natural ingredients and healthy way to produce their food.

Traditionally, fried chicken is linked to fast food. KyoChon is determined to change the perception and everything at KyoChon is made fresh, using only antibiotic and growth hormone free chickens, eschewing frozen chicken wings and drumsticks for chilled chickens delivered daily. The fried chickens are also MSG free and cooked exclusively in healthy Canola oil.

Mr Kwon also pioneered the double-frying technique which is generally acknowledged by fans of Korean style fried chicken, for longer lasting crispiness and less greasy fried chicken versus traditional and western styled cooking methods. Inspired by traditional Korean dishes and sauces, Mr Kwon was also the first to apply sauces directly onto fried chicken after cooking, developing the famous KyoChon Soy Garlic sauce which is loved by thousands worldwide.


Project: Grand Launching of KyoChon Restaurant

Location: Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur